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​​​Issue 3, Year of Award - 2014​


The PhD program in Mathematics is addressed to MSc graduate students with remarkable scientific background and strong motivation in conducting research activities. The PhD supervisors are renowed specialists in their fields of expertise. Their research interests cover several modern directions in Mathematics. They have published scientific papers in the best mathematical journals and monographs b the most prestigious publishing houses: Springer Verlag, Kluwer Acad. Publ. Birkhauser, World Scientific, etc. Their scientific results have been cited thousands of times.

The research activity enjoys an important support from the Al. Myller Mathematical Seminar, one of the most complete matehmatical librarier in Romania.

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 Director: Prof. dr. Ovidiu Cârjă, Director CSUD
 Redactor Șef: Dana Lungu
 Redactor: Dan Pîrlogeanu
 Consultant: lect. dr. Valerică Greavu-Șerban

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